ALIENOR epidemiological study on ocular aging

The ALIENOR study is an epidemiological study in an older general population that explores the relationships between age-related eye diseases (AMD, glaucoma, cataract, dry eye) and nutritional factors. The other major determinants of these diseases (genetic factors, environmental factors - particularly tobacco and sun exposure - and vascular factors) are also examined.
This study consists of ophthalmological examinations that have been proposed every two years since 2006 to all participants in the 3 City study, an epidemiological study of volunteers from the Urban Community of Bordeaux, aged 65 and over. Today, more than 1,000 volunteers have participated in the Alienor study at least once.

These ophthalmological examinations have led to the diagnosis of the main eye diseases (AMD, glaucoma, and cataract) according to international recommendations. This study has revealed associations of these diseases with nutritional status, genetic and vascular factors and our research is ongoing!